Linear stages with direct drive linear motor

Linear motors have applications in many areas: maglev trains, machine tools, laser applications and increasingly in precision technology. In every day life we come across the linear motor in electrical toothbrushs and shavers. We, the company Jenny Science AG, are specialized in the development and production of linear axes with highly integrated linear motors. These linear axes excel by virtue of their extremely compact dimensions and simple geometry for optimal spatial use.

Thanks to the direct drive the linear axis operates without play and free from wear. The patented monoblock-construction makes screwing through the monoblock possible, turning the single LINAX® linear axis units into a modular building system. Thus the linear axes can be combined to become a cross table, a pick&place handling module or even a portal robot. Matched to these we offer corresponding servo controllers and axis interpolators. The customer has the precisely mounted linear axes together with the coordinated controller ready to start from a single source. In addition to the linear motor the servo controllers can also control conventional, rotatory motors.

Jenny Science AG - linear technology for moving precisely within tight space!

Linear motors

Product Overview linear motor stages and servo controller

The linear motor is the core component of the LINAX linear motor axes.